I am a researcher at the Austrian Institute of Economic research (WIFO) in Vienna. My main research interests are science and innovation studies, as well as science and innovation policy and their role for more general economic policies.

My recent research focus has been on

i) analysing how university organisation and funding are linked with scientific productivity (one way of looking at this is through determinants of job choice in academia based on insights in scientific knowledge production; I applied this first to classifying national higher education systems with a view to their attractiveness for researchers; and then to a study commissioned by the European Commission, Mobility of Researchers 3 (MORE3) which analyses mobility of researchers as well as the perception of the attractiveness of the EU as a place to do research.

See here for an opinion piece on EU policy);


ii) engagement between higher education institutions and industry, or how higher education becomes a factor for innovation activities of firms; and


iii) developing a framework for measuring innovation outcomes (or the economic effects of innovation) and related indicator building as a basis for innovation policy, differentiating between structural change and upgrading as two outcome channels. This is set to become increasingly important in times of internationalisation of R&D and global value chains. I want to thank in particular Karl Aiginger and Andreas Reinstaller for making these research projects possible, as well as all of the excellent team members of my department at WIFO.


I have also done a lot of comparative analysis of innovation and science policy, working on regional and national innovation strategies based on insights from other European countries. My expertise is with the Austrian and European innovation systems. E.g., I co-authored the 2007 OECD Economic Survey of Austria (?boosting innovation in Austria?), was involved in the Austrian system evaluation (framework conditions ? 2009), led several research projects on the role of universities and education for innovation and future economic perspectives in Austria (?Hochschulen 2025?, ?Bildung 2025?) as well as on Austrian innovation performance (Austrian Council reports on innovation performance, 2011-2015), coordinated WIFO?s positioning paper on the Austria RTI strategy (2011) while participating in many other projects, such as the most recent study on the Austrian Research Area. Recently I held several talks on the role of universities for innovation performance as well as on Austria?s standing in innovation rankings and on ways to become an ?innovation leader?.


At the European level, I have served as a contributor to and leader of several international projects, inter alia for the ECB, the OECD and the European Commission, such as the European Competitiveness Report and the WWWfor Europe Project involving large European consortia. Most recently, I am involved in the update of the mobility of researchers study (MORE3), led by IDEA Consult.


I have a PhD from the Vienna University of Business Administration and Economics (2003), as well as an MSc from the London School of Economics (2002) and an MSc from ESCP-EAP in France (1996). Before joining WIFO in 2010, I worked with the Institute for Industrial Research in Vienna, the Austrian Central Bank and Kraft Foods.


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